A better approach to gene synthesis

Genesis DNA is taking a fundamentally new approach to gene synthesis, the process of turning digital text like ACTG into physical DNA. Our proprietary method circumvents the cost, turnaround time, and sequence limiting factors of existing synthesis methods.

Genesis was founded by a team of students at Stanford and MIT that have experienced the pain of current DNA construction methods first hand. We started Genesis DNA with the vision that every researcher should have fast, affordable, and secure access to any DNA sequence they need. We believe the next technology revolution will be a biological one.



The Team

Jeff Clayton Chief Executive Officer

Jeff Clayton

Chief Executive Officer

David Glass Chief Technology Officer

David Glass

Chief Technology Officer

Jason Snyder Founder and Advisor

Jason Snyder

Founder and Advisor

Sarah Edwards Research Scientist

Sarah Edwards

Research Scientist


Tim Lu

Tim Lu is an associate professor of biological engineering and electrical engineering at MIT who works with the Synthetic Biology Group (SBG) on advancing fundamental designs and applications for synthetic biology. He is a co-founder at Synlogic, Eligo Biosciences, and Sample6 Technologies, Inc., and brings deep experience to the team as a field leader.





Mike Bowles

Mike Bowles began his career as an assistant professor at MIT before moving on to found and run two companies (Com21 and IBeam Broadcasting), both of which went on to large IPOs. More recently he has been active as a co-founder for the series of data mining courses run at Hacker Dojo. His business development and machine learning experience makes him an uncommon and valuable asset on our team.


Martin Goldberg

Martin Goldberg is the Senior VP of R&D at SlipChip Corporation and the former COO at Gen9 where he helped scale their BioFab platform. He also played various roles over 17 years at Affymetrix. His addition to our team brings deep technical and industry experience for gene synthesis technologies.